5 Fairy Party Birthday Cake Ideas

Every little girl dreams of having a fairy party. Let’s be honest, what mum doesn’t love planning a fairy birthday party too!!

At Cake 2 The Rescue we’ve sprinkled a little fairy dust on your party planning with our range of fairy birthday cakes. Our gorgeous, easy bake DIY Cake Kits come with everything you need to bake and decorate, delivered to your door, like magic!

We’ve got a whole heap of cute fairy cake ideas, so you can tick the cake of your list of jobs to do. That will give you more time to focus on fairy party ideas, so you can create a gorgeous enchanted garden party for your next kid’s birthday party or special occasion.

1.   Magical Fairy Birthday Cake Ideas

Our new Magical Fairy Cake Kit has caused so much excitement with its recent launch. She’s just so pretty and perfect for fairy cool parties (excuse the pun hahaha!)

You can customise the colour scheme so that your magical fairy matches the birthday girls own hair or the dress matches your chosen colour scheme for your fairy’s party.


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The cake recipe has easy step by step instructions to make your fairy birthday cake. I’ve made making your fairy even easier with a step by step cake tutorial of all the fondant tricks and tips for creating her beautiful outfit and face. You can watch it here.

2. Pink Toadstool Fairy Garden Cake

If you are looking for an enchanted garden for your fairy to live in, we have a few fairy house theme cakes to choose from too.

A great birthday cake option for a garden party venue.

The first is our Pink Toadstool Cake Kit.

3. Red Toadstool Fairy Garden Cake Kit

We also have the Toadstool Fairy Garden Cake available in red too. Which is another great fairy garden cake idea for your child’s party.

Both Toadstool Fairy Garden Cakes are sprinkled with fairy dust glitter and the tiny flower plunge cutters included in your kit make creating your enchanted garden a breeze.

4. Strawberry House Cake Kit

But if you’d like to give your fairy party house a twist, our beautiful Strawberry House Cake Kit would make the perfect home for any magical fairy. Made with a buttercream icing base all our fairy houses make delicious cakes for kids. 

5. Frozen Fairy Cake Kit

If you’re looking to create a frozen party this year, why not give it an enchanted forest theme with our gorgeous Frozen Fairy DIY Cake Kit. It’s a fresh take on the traditional frozen party ideas from the first movie and gives you a whole new look for a frozen party. Especially if this is not the first time your little one has asked for this party theme.

So, all that’s left to do is ask your little one to decide which cake they love the most. All these designs have been created to be achievable for all levels of bakers, so you don’t have the stress of asking your child to choose some 3 tiered masterpiece on google images!! We’ve got you covered.

If you’d like to see what our customers think about our awesome cake kits you can head to our amazing Private Facebook community of cake kit bakers here

You can also check out all the other options for fairy birthday party cakes here for your kid’s parties.

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