Let’s face it, apI’m not sure who is more excited about the release of Frozen 2, me or my 19 year old daughter. We are suckers for Disney and suckers for musicals. Put the 2 together and we are in hook line and sinker!!
We know all the words of all the songs from the first movie and to this day can be found singing the soundtrack at the top of our voices in the car despite the 3 girls and I being 15, 17, 19 and 44 respectively!! There’s just something about it.
From a work point of view, I know from last time round, the cake world goes nuts. Purchasing snowflake plunge cutters and pale blue fondant is as nuts as fighting for the new
release of snow gear at Aldi.
Needless to say, we got prepared early this time!! Why? Because we know every mum of a little girl in Australia will be asked to produce an amazing Frozen cake in 2020. Whether it’s an Anna cake, Elsa cake, Olaf cake or that gorgeous new water horse, mums all over the
country will be sent into panic once again.

Easy DIY Frozen Birthday Cake Kits

To make life easier we’ve introduced 3 new Frozen cake ideas and packaged them into easy bake cake kits delivered to your door. With step by step instructions. We also have another 2 existing cake kits to make sure you’ve got your Frozen 2 birthday cakes covered without having to spend a fortune on a professional cake maker. Or run around cake decorating shops all over town searching for that elusive set of snowflake plunge cutters!!!

We have our range of little princesses with outfits to match your kid’s fav princess and so we’ve created two new ones this year. For those looking for an Elsa frozen cake, we have our new DIY Ice Princess Cake Kit for Anna birthday cake fans we have our DIY Autumn
Princess Cake Kit.
They are really easy to make and super cute with everything you need to bake and decorate the perfect Frozen themed cake at home for your next birthday party. We even have Frozen candles to compliment.


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Doing it Frozen style this birthday

I love that this time the Anna and Elsa have ditched the big dresses and have opted for boots leggings and capes. They are such strong confident role models and I think the new outfits fit their personalities perfectly. 
One of my favourite parts of the new movie sneak peeks is Anna on the water horse under the ocean. So we decided to create our best-selling Flower Unicorn Cake Kit by creating a new Snowflake Unicorn Cake Kit. It’s crazy gorgeous and for kids who love Frozen and Unicorns, it’s going to create a whole heap of excitement at their next birthday! Of course, for the more those kids with an eagle eye who insist that it is a frozen water horse cake NOT a unicorn we have also created a snowflake pony version, so we’ve got you covered!

Enchanted Forest Fairy Cake

Recently we added another gorgeous fairy cake kit to our range and in the excitement, it was suggested that she would make a beautiful Frozen Fairy DIY Cake Kit for the enchanted forest in Frozen 2.  So I gave her a snowflake twist and created this gorgeous Elsa style fairy cake.

You can also check out our Snowflake Princess Birthday Cake version which is a great option for an Anna birthday cake. And if you need to know how to make a Frozen Castle birthday cake we have our super easy Ice Castle Cake Kit!
So, if you are a Frozen carpool karaoke family like us, it’s time to leave Frozen behind “let it go” and head out “Into the Unknown” of Frozen 2. But don’t worry, when it comes to frozen cake ideas and easy kits, we’ve got you covered.
Baker Girl Lou xxx

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