Ordering a Rescue Kit

How Many Serves are in a Cake?

Approximately 20-25 serves per cake

Which Cakes are the Easiest to Make?

We have taken care to design cakes which are achievable for everyone to make, but if this is your first time baking and you’re feeling nervous the 2D cakes are easier to ice than the 3D cakes.  Also the less fondant detail on the cake the easier it is. 

Am I Able to Change the Colours of a Cake?

We are always open to helping you create the best cake to suit you, but we recommend you contact us in advance so that we can recommend the best solution to suit your request.

Do you offer Custom designs?

We’ve already created over 200 custom designs, you can check them out in the Custom Kit Category.  For a design fee of $30 we can offer NEW custom designs.  Contact us by email to chat about your requirements, there’s a chance the design you are looking for has already been made by another customer.  

What is the Shelf Life of my Kit?
Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we will be mailing all orders with baking dates prior to 17th July 2020 immediately.  Your kit will still be fresh until this date. Store your kit in the pantry out of direct sunlight. 
How Long will it Take for my Order to be Processed?

We always aim to dispatch cakes within 2 working days of the order being placed.  The mail Leaves at 11 am each morning so orders placed after 8am are likely to be dispatched the following business day.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we will be mailing all orders with baking dates prior to 17th July 2020 immediately.  Your kit will still be fresh until this date. Store your kit in the pantry out of direct sunlight. 
How Long does Delivery usually take?

Delivery depends strongly on your location. See our shipping link at the bottom of the home page for advice on APPROXIMATE delivery times. You can also choose the express post option but please be aware that you will need to add a 1 working day processing time to the overnight delivery, and areas outside the CBD take 2/3 days for delivery in an express post bag.

The mail is picked up at 11am each morning  so if you’ve left it to the last minute give us a call or drop us and email and we’ll do a best to come to the RESCUE!!! Click here for Shipping Times

Do I Need to Sign for My Delivery?

Yes our courier requires a signature to delivery you kit, if you would like your parcel left in a safe spot outside please select the AUTHORITY TO LEAVE option when placing your order. Please note however that unfortunately Cake 2 The Rescue take no responsibility for parcels which have not been sighted on delivery and if you do not have a dry spot out of the weather do not choose AUTHORITY TO LEAVE.


Which Box Do I Bake In?

You bake in the disposable baking tray that all of your ingredients are packed into. The baking tray has a white wax coating on the inside, brown paper on the outside and fold down sides. There is no need to line or grease the tray

How long Do I Bake the Cake For?

There are often variations in the temperatures of individual ovens, therefore we recommend you check the cake after 60 minutes and then monitor checking every 5 minutes. Don’t be tempted to open the oven door to check on your cake in the first 45 minutes as your cake may sink in the middle.

How Do I Know When My Cake is Cooked?

Your cake should be firm and when gently pressed on the surface it should bounce back.

How Far in Advance can I Bake/Ice the Cake?

You can make the sponge in advance and freeze if required. You can also bake the cake up to 36 hours in advance and store in an airtight container until you are ready to ice the cake. We recommend you ice the cake no more than 24 hours in advance to achieve the best finish.

How Do I Store My Decorated Cake?

Once decorating is complete keep your cake in the cake box it was delivered in, in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Don’t keep in the fridge unless it’s extremely hot and serve immediately on removing from the fridge.   Air conditioning is the ideal solution in the summer.

My Icing is Very Stiff Should I Add More Milk?

Your icing will be very stiff until you add the food colouring. Some cakes need more food colouring than others to achieve the correct colour, therefore we recommend adding the food colouring before adding any extra milk.

What is the Fondant Icing Used For?
The fondant icing is used to dust the bench, your rolling pin and hands to prevent sticking. It can also be kneaded into your fondant if you feel it is becoming a little sticky after handling. If you are using a plastic rolling pin and place baking paper on the bench to roll the fondant onto you wont need the icing sugar on the bench or pin.