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There’s nothing quite like a home-made cake!

Growing up with home-made birthday cakes, chosen from the pages of Women’s Weekly is what mine and many other parents childhood memories are made of! The best cake my mum ever made for me was my hedgehog cake, a chocolate cake covered in Spines made of Cadbury’s Chocolate buttons, yummo!!! With so many happy memories, it’s not surprising that we want to pass on the tradition to our own kids when it comes to their special celebrations.

As a Mum of three, I’ve done the 3 am finishes trying to create surprise birthday cakes, stressed to the max, 4 glasses of wine in and praying for a miracle!! But the look on the kids’ faces on their birthday was always worth the battle in the kitchen. Cake 2 The Rescue was founded to put an end to the stress of creating home-made birthday cakes!!

So when it comes to creating new designs for our Cake Rescue Kits, I always have 4 things in mind; EVERYTHING you need delivered to your door, EASY to achieve for all levels of baker, heaps of FUN to create and HERO status with minimal stress!!!!

So why not pick your favourite kit and give it a go. It’s your time to be the superhero of your child’s birthday party, create a cake to make the guests go “wow” and leave your child as proud as punch!!!!

Happy Baking and Thanks for Rolling By!

Baker Girl Lou x

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