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The ingredients in this Cake Kit contain NO gluten, soy, dairy or nuts providing you also select the Gluten Free cake mix option.

Please Note: Products have been packed in a facility that also handles wheaten products and are not suitable for people with Coeliac Disease.

One or more ingredients in this Cake Kit contain wheaten products, dairy and may contain traces of nuts.

Contact us if you wish to discuss allergy friendly solutions for this kit [email protected]

Our Cake Mixes require the addition of 5 Eggs, please contact us to discuss egg free solutions.

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Pet themed parties are always a favourite for birthday boys and girls no matter the age. We even have a wonderful range of dog cakes that the older children or even adults will love too. Who doesn’t love a dog themed birthday cake, especially if you’re a lover of pugs, dachshunds, border collies and more? We even have a couple of cute puppy cakes to choose from.

Bunny Cakes

For the bunny lovers we have a couple of DIY Cake Kits to choose from. Whether you’re a Thumper fan or are having a farm-themed birthday party or the birthday boy or girl has a bunny pet. You’ll love our range of easy Bunny DIY Cake Kits.

Reptile Pet Cakes

If you’re a lover of reptiles, you can’t go past our fabulous and very realistic Blue Tongue Lizard Cake or Snake Cake Kit. A bit too realistic for some but your birthday girls and boys will love your homemade creation.

We have a pet cake for everyone

We haven’t forgotten the pony and horse lovers too or even the turtle fans. We seriously have all your birthday party themes and favourites covered with our amazing range of pet DIY cake kits.

We have allergy DIY cake kit options too

Do you have allergies or guests with allergies? We have you covered with that too. Check out our ingredients page

Can’t find the right DIY cake kit?

If you can’t find a DIY cake kit that fits your needs. Don’t hesitate to check out our custom cake kit options or contact Baker Lou to discuss your cake needs.

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