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Enchanted Garden

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The ingredients in this Cake Kit contain NO gluten, soy, dairy or nuts providing you also select the Gluten Free cake mix option.

Please Note: Products have been packed in a facility that also handles wheaten products and are not suitable for people with Coeliac Disease.

One or more ingredients in this Cake Kit contain wheaten products, dairy and may contain traces of nuts.

Contact us if you wish to discuss allergy friendly solutions for this kit [email protected]

Our Cake Mixes require the addition of 5 Eggs, please contact us to discuss egg free solutions.

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DIY Enchanted Garden Cake Kits

Are you a flitter and flatter over planning a magical enchanted garden party? We have a range of DIY Enchanted Garden Cake Kits that would be perfect for any enchanted garden themed birthday party.

From fairies, and butterflies, or sweet little animals. We also have cakes for the whimsical garden party right through to cute little houses and toadstools.

Let your imagination come to life when choosing a DIY Enchanted Garden Cake Kits.

Magical fairy houses and toadstools

You can’t go past a magical fairy house or toadstool house for an enchanted garden party. With have choices too when it comes to our DIY Toadstool Cake Kit. Choose from our pink toadstool cake or our red toadstool cake. Either will make a stunning addition to your enchanted garden party.

Unicorns and fairies to make your enchanted garden party

It’s not a garden party without some magic of unicorns and fairies. And do we have choices for you? If your birthday girl loves all things Frozen, then she will love our Snowflake Unicorn Cake Kit or Frozen Fairy Cake Kit.

Or does your birthday girl love everything rainbows? Then you can’t go past our Flower Unicorn Cake Kit, Rainbow Cake Kit, or Rainbow Unicorn Cake Kit.

Enchanted garden cake ideas for boys

We even have the birthday boys covered with our amazing Enchanted Garden DIY Cake Kits. Whether it be a Ladybug Dude Cake Kit our Teepee Cake Kit or keep them a buzz with our DIY Bee Cake Kit. Your birthday boy will love either option we’re sure.

Easy and convenient DIY cake kits

Our DIY Enchanted Cake Kits come with everything you need to make an amazing cake. All you need to do is open the box, add your eggs, milk, and butter, mix, bake and decorate. It’s that easy. We also have videos to help you through the process and make things even easier.

We have allergy DIY cake kit options too

Do you have allergies or guests with allergies? We have you covered with that too. Check out our ingredients page.

Can’t find the right DIY cake kit?

If you can’t find a DIY cake kit that fits your needs. Don’t hesitate to check out our custom cake kit options or contact Baker Lou to discuss your cake needs.

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