5 Gabby’s Dollhouse Cake Ideas

The most common cake request I’ve been asked for recently is for a Gabby’s Dollhouse cake design.

We provide DIY Cake Kits with everything you need to make your chosen design. We have over 300 designs of our own but are also able to help tweak our designs to make it easier for you to create popular characters.

We’ve already had a few customers convert our kits into Gabby cat birthday cakes as you can see, so I thought I would write a blog to give you more support and help creating gabby’s dollhouse cake decorations.

If you’ve been wondering how to make a gabby dollhouse cake we’ve got you covered.  In this blog we will show you great hacks to make Mercat, Cakey, Pillow cat, DJ Catnip and Kitty Fairy using our existing designs and byo cake kits.

Ditch the Gabby’s dollhouse cake topper printable and let’s help you make an awesome cake for your Gabby’s dollhouse party.  Here are 5 great Gabby cat birthday cakes.

Mercat Birthday Cake

Let’s start with the gorgeous Mercat.  We recently launched our new Mermaid Cat Cake Kit. The colours for this kit are fully adjustable to you can easily convert her to make a gorgeous Gabby’s Dollhouse Mercat cake.

We recommend choosing: light blue butter icing for the cat, purple butter icing for the tail.  Light blue for the ears, light purple for the fins and dark pink for the shell and nose.  If you’d like to add your own hat purchase an extra 100g of light purple on the cart page.

So much cuter than a Mercat Cake Topper, you can make the best homemade birthday cake ever and all in one convenient DIY Cake Kit. Your party guests little and big will be amazed at your Mermaid Cake.


Cakey Cake

How cute is cakey, and such a simple design to make by converting our Muffin Cake Kit. Just tweak the shape of the top of the muffin template when you cut it out to make a cat head shape.

Order the colours as per the guide and you’ll also receive pink white and black in the kit for the face so you’ll be set.


Make your cupcake case mid blue with a little stripe of light purple and pink and use the orange and yellow to add the other sprinkle colours. Use the black white and pink to make the face.

This design doesn’t include arms and legs so if you want to include them you can grab a few 100g bags of ivory fondant at the cart.  Don’t grab white as the face will be made of ivory butter icing and the ivory fondant will match better

Pillow Cat

We’ve had a few customers already use our Kitten Cake Kit to make pillow cat. She has lots of colours in her designs so the easiest way to get the colours you need is to our “build your own” BYO Cake Kit and simply request that we send you our Kitten Cake recipe card and template to go along with it.  You can see the selections to make on the image below.


All you need to do is ice your kitten yellow and then roll a fat sausage of yellow fondant and use to outline the whole face except the ears.  Then add the simple circle white and black eyes and pink cheeks and nose.  Make the mouth as per the template and add a little half circle underneath as pillow cat has an open mouth. Add the green stripes to the head and some hot pink ears and you’re done. You can finish the look by adding hot pink feet to the board below the head if you prefer. So easy.

DJ Catnip Birthday Cake

Forget buying a dj catnip cake topper this birthday, we can help you make a really cute glitter dj catnip birthday cake.

All you need is to order our byo cake kit with the choices shown in the image and ask for our Kitten recipe card and template. Don’t forget to select the glitter.


Simply ice your cake with dark pink icing and add the glitter all over the cake. Blend one bag of light purple together to get a super light purple and use to cut out a circle of fondant for the face.  I think it would also look great to roll a long sausage of dark pink fondant to outline the face like the edge of the hoodie.

And add the 2 black sausage strings to the bottom edge of the hoodie.  Use the other packet of light purple for the stripes so they are darker than the face. Now make the lime green and black eyes and the pink cheeks and tiny blue nose and black mouth.   You could mix a little dark pink and purple together to get the exact cheek colour.

It will look amazing and so easy to achieve.

Kitty Fairy Cake

Kitty Fairy is such a cute Gabby’s Dollhouse character and super easy to achieve.

All you need is to order our byo cake kit with the choices shown in the image and ask for our Kitten recipe card and template.


For this one you want to place you cut cake at the bottom of the board so you have room to add the white and green tiny boppers on the board at the top.

Ice your cake with light pink icing. Add the simple oval eyes and eyelashes using the black and white fondant and the nose and mouth just a little smaller than on the kitten cake. Add mid pink ears too.

Cut a little lime strip to go behind the flowers.  Hand roll 4 balls of yellow or white fondant to make each of the 3 flowers. Lay 4 balls touching each other and flatten a little to make the flower shape.

Finally, roll 2 long lime sausages and 2 big white balls with all the remaining fondant to make the tiny boppers.  

So cute and so easy woohoo!!

If you’d like any more advice on how to use our kits to make your Gabby’s Dollhouse cake please feel free to drop us an email.  I’d love you to check out all our cake kit designs they really make life so much easier and we have great allergy options too.

The best place to hang out with us is in our gorgeous Cake Kit Community Group on Facebook. It’s full of busy families using our kits to make baking a homemade cake less intimidating and leaning on each other for support. It really is the kindest group on Facebook, no professional bakers hiding in the comments with passive aggressive commentary hahaha!!.   Love to see you in there.

Baker Girl Lou xx


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