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Magical Fairy Cake Kit


Cake Mix

Hair *

Eyes (Iris only) *

Dress (top/Petals) *

Under Skirt (butter icing) *

Skin fondant *

A-Z/0-9 Cutters – Used to cut out Words for your Cake or Display Board

100g Extra Fondant – Used along with the cutters to make a Message on your Board

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You are welcome to order your kits together and we will dispatch together.


Please place individual orders for each kit.


Allergies? Read here First!

The ingredients in this Cake Kit contain NO soy or nuts. The Cake Mix DOES contain Milk Solids. To eliminate gluten and dairy from this kit please select a Gluten Free cake mix option.

One or more ingredients in this Cake Kit contain wheaten products, dairy and may contain traces of nuts.

Contact us if you wish to discuss allergy friendly solutions for this kit [email protected]

Our Cake Mixes require the addition of 5 Eggs, you can purchase our recommended Egg Replacer in the Extras Category.

Read our Full Ingredients List and Nutrition Panels here

What’s included in my kit?

Product Details

Your Fairy Birthday Cake with create a magical birthday for your little fairy fans. The perfect birthday cake idea for fairy garden parties or an enchanted garden party. Just think of all the fairy magic and fairy wishes your little party guests will make.

Our DIY Magic Fairy Cake Kit is customisable too. So, for an extra special birthday cake, you can customise your fairy to reflect your birthday girl or to match and compliment the rest of your fairy party decorations

Our DIY Cake Kits are so easy and convenient to make with everything delivered directly to your door. Just add your milk, butter and eggs, mix, bake and decorate. It’s that easy.

How to Make Your Fairy Birthday Cake

If you have a specific colour scheme in mind for your Magical Fairy Birthday Cake Kit this is the perfect product for you.

Step 1: Choose the colour of your Fairy’s Skin

Step 2: Choose the colour of your Fary’s hair

Step 3: Choose the colour of your eyes (we will send the white and black as well)

Step 4: Choose the colour of your underskirt (butter icing)

Step 5: Choose one colour for your dress (top and petals)

Wings/ stars large petals and flower colour as fixed and as per the image

How to Make Your Magical Fairy Birthday Cake Kit

  • Rectangular Disposable Baking Tray
  • Silver Cake Board
  • Cake and Icing Mix
  • Fondant Icing Kit
  • Candles
  • Recipe Card
  • Food Colouring or Cocoa Powder
  • Accent Fondant Colour Colours
  • Glitter
  • Cutters

Just add milk, butter and eggs from your pantry.

*Cake feeds 20 to 25 people with Option of VANILLA or CHOCOLATE and we have gluten-free cakes and allergy friendly cakes available.

View Ingredients here

Easy Fairy Birthday Cake Recipe

With everything you need to bake and decorate arriving straight to your door, you’ll save time and money with this easy fairy birthday cake. Not everyone has cake decorating supplies at home and it can be so expensive buying all the bits and pieces and you often end up with so much leftover that ends up in the bin.  So we send you exactly what you need. Our easy templates and instructions are designed to make it easy for people who don’t often bake or decorate to create a delicious magical fairy cake to be proud of. Regular bakers also love the convenience of everything arriving in one handy box and the design work already done.

Ordering Your Fairy Birthday Cake

We can ship your Fairy Cake to anywhere in Australia. You can order any time prior to baking. Just add your baking date when prompted and we will make sure your kit arrives on time. If you order in advance we’ll even dispatch your kit closer to the baking date to ensure your kit is fresh for baking. Just choose your favourite fairy birthday cake colours and pop them into the option boxes and we’ll pack up everything you need. It’s so convenient to have everything arrive at your door.

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