Cake 2 The Rescue – DIY CAKE KIT Baking Schedule

One Month to Go

1. Order your DIY Cake Kit On-line
2. Head to the website to watch Baker Girl Lou’s VIDEO TIPS
3. Join our Private Facebook Support Group

When Your Kit Arrives

4. Read through the Recipe Card from Start to Finish
5. Check your Kit Contents Thoroughly
6. Go Shopping for Eggs, Milk and Butter

Two Days to Go

 7. Bake Your Cake
 8. When Completely Cool Loosen From the Box
 9. Store in an Air Tight Container or Cling Wrap in the Box
10. Cut Out all the Baking Paper Templates
11. Re-read the Recipe Card

One Day to Go

12. Decorate Your Cake
13. Store in the Fridge
14. Can be Stored on the Bench if Below 20oC

Party Time!

15. Remove from the Fridge just before Serving
16. Once cut Store Covered in the Fridge

So you are officially ready to get started with our awesome cake kits!  For our regular customers hopefully you picked up a few extra tips.  Anything else you’d like to know about our baking with our cake kits? Leave a comment  xxx

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