Sometimes it feels like you’ll never guess what they would pick as their dream teen birthday cake. Let’s face it, to them we are often the least cool person in the whole universe!

It’s a time when they are both expressing their individuality to be cooler than their younger siblings but desperately wanting to fit in with their peers.

Good news is I have 3 teenage daughters from one end of the scale to the other and I’m a cake kit designer. I’ve got you covered when it comes to teen girl birthday party ideas and themed teenage girl birthday cakes to match.

At Cake 2 The Rescue we’ve got a huge number of teen birthday cakes to choose from. Even better, we’ve assembled them into easy bake DIY Cake Kits that come with everything you need to bake and decorate, delivered to your door, like magic!

We’ve got a whole heap of cute cakes for teenagers and even some for tweens, so you can tick the cake off your list of jobs this week. And check out my top 6 teen birthday party ideas for girls.

1. Easy Flamingo Cake Kits for Teenage Girls

As far as cakes for teenagers go, our easy DIY Flamingo Cake KIT is the most popular in our range. What I love the most is that not only can you customise them to match your teen girls age. The cake is easy enough that many girls love to make this easy design themselves or as a mum, daughter fun activity.

Another super popular animal that we sell heaps of cakes for teenage girls is our super cute sloth. Such a funny animal to fall in love with, but there are sloth themed accessories all over the shops these days. So, don’t be surprised if your daughter is a massive fan of our Sloth DIY Cake Kit!


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2. Chocoholic Cakes for Teen Girls

In my experience, teenage girls love chocolate, period! My 19-year-old is a self- confessed Nutella addict, in fact all chocolate.   So this Chocoholic DIY Cake Kit design was created as her dream teen birthday cake.

It’s such a simple design to make and I love that you can change the letters to be any name you like. My daughter had her name and age on hers. I even added her birthday as the best before date on the lid.

3. Llama Cakes and Other Mexican Fiesta Ideas

From the day our DIY Llama Cake Kit was launched it became an instant favourite. Easy to make and so so cute, it’s just one of those fun themes’ teens love. To be honest it’s the perfect birhday cake for a 10 year old girl through to birthday cake ideas for tweens and teens. Everyone just loves it. I even know mums of boys who’ve bought it for their own birthdays just to be able to make it hahaha!!

The kit comes with everything you need to bake and decorate even the box to bake it in. You can customise the llama colours to match your teen party colour theme and even add sunglasses!

Popular teen birthday party ideas like Mexican Fiestas have seen a huge increase in partyware and cute accessories around both Llamas and seriously cute baby Cactuses. So, we created our Cactus Birthday cake kit as an alternative to the llama fans. It’s one of my most fav cakes in the whole range.

4. Social Media Cakes for Teen Girls

So many of our teens spend lots of time with their head in their phones, mine included! Why not make their day and give a nod to Instagram with our DIY Retro Camera Cake Kit or let them have fun creating their own emoji cake with our Smiley Faces DIY Cake Kit to get the party started.

The DIY Retro Camera Cake Kit is a great option for parties where you are having a fun photo booth too even.

5. Girls Night in Cakes for Teenage Girls

The parties tend to die off around this age and they’d much rather just have a few besties over for a movie night a bit of pampering or a sleepover party. So, we created our Movie DIY Cake Kit and our Spa Girl DIY Cake kit as great options for the girl’s night at home, teen party theme.

6. Roller Skating and Icing Skating Teen Parties

If they are going to have a teen party, chances are it will be at the local roller skating rink or ice skating rink. So, we’ve made sure our Roller skate DIY Cake Kit and Ice Skate DIY Cake Kit are suitable as teenage girl birthday cakes.

Are you inspired for your teen or tween girls next birthday party?

I hope that’s given you a bit of inspiration to get you started! It’s always tricky with teens but I’m sure they’ll find something in this post that catches their attention. Don’t forget, our kits are designed to take the stress out of baking a home-made cake. We’ve done all the work for you and we even deliver to your door!

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