It’s the weirdest thing that so many boys are born obsessed with anything with wheels! You’d swear it was part of their genetic makeup! Although I have to say I was a real tomboy as a kid. I had a fire truck and a silver double-decker bus with red seats that I loved more than any other toy.

As a mother of 3 girls and secret wheel lover, it’s been really fun creating our range of construction themed cakes!!

Our Digger Cake Kit and Dump Truck Cake Kits were some of the first DIY Construction Birthday Cakes I ever made. Recently I’ve had mums asking for Construction Cake ideas suitable for older kids and big kids birthday parties. Especially with Father’s Day cakes in mind.

I also didn’t realise that if your kid likes Bulldozer Cakes, he’s not going to be happy with a Digger with wheels, not tracks. Oh, and an excavator is nothing like a digger hahahaha!!

So now I’ve got my construction site birthday cakes covered let’s take a look.

Digger Cake

Our Digger Birthday Cake was one of the first construction cakes I created. I wanted it to be an easy Digger Cake to make, with a cartoon feel for younger kids. Bob the Builder style. The bucket full of candy is always a big hit too and makes for a delicious digger birthday cake!!


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Dump Truck Cake

It wasn’t long before we had requests for Dump Truck Cakes coming in and we created our super cute DIY Dump Truck Cake Kit in the same styling as our Digger Cake.

This cake has a few more steps than the Digger Cake so it takes a bit longer to create but the kit makes it so easy with everything included. You’ll have your construction themed birthday cake whipped up in no time.

Easy Excavator Cake

We started getting requests for Excavator Cakes last year from mums looking for construction themed cakes for older kids. We launched this kit last week and it’s been flying off the shelves not just for kids of different ages but as birthday cakes for dads and also as Father’s Day cake ideas.

I’ve got to be honest with you, creating a DIY Excavator Cake Kit that I could confidently say customers would be able to make was a challenge. I created 3D models out of cardboard to make sure the scale was right and that it would fit easily on our included silver cake display boards. I looked at options for creating the arm out of crunchie bars and LCM’s. Eventually, I decided it would just be so much easier for you if I had the arms made out of acrylic so you could just push them into the cake. Problem solved!

So now we have this awesome option for a DIY Construction Cake. It looks awesome, it’s easy to make and we send all you need straight to your door, woohoo!!

Bulldozer Cake Ideas

I argued for a while that our Digger Cake could easily be called a Bulldozer Cake, but our customers assured me that it “must have tracks”. So, I decided to create a grown-up, big scale Bulldozer Cake with a heap of “grunt” to suit all ages.

This construction cake looks like it could flatten every party guest in its path, and I love it.

I wanted to mix it up the colours of our DIY Construction Birthday Cakes so I made this one in blue, but you can choose traditional yellow or even green or orange.

Easy Tool Kit Cake

If you have a budding mechanic in the house or don’t want to tackle our 3D Construction Cakes, our Tool Box Cake Kit is a great option. It’s super easy to make and a fun one to make together with the kids. It’s also the perfect cake idea for dads and makes a great Father’s Day cake.  

So whatever easy construction cake you’re looking for we have you covered for little kids and really big kids!!! Take a closer look at our range here.

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