6 Plastic Boxes – A Bucketful of Tears

We moved warehouse this weekend…

I thought moving my house was stressful, moving an online food business – now that’s nuts!

It’s been in the pipeline for months now. I’ve been beavering away sorting out the specifications, licensing etc

But this weekend were actually moved all our stuff.

Near the end of the move, my hubby walked in carrying 6 big plastic boxes with numbers written on the sides…

“Where do these go babe?”

I swear not, we washed over 200 plastic tubs last weekend – so it took me a moment to register

But when I did the tears started to flow.

They were the 6 boxes we store ALL the cut fondant in – when we opened our first warehouse.

This picture says it all…

The 6 boxes are on the left – just one side of our New fondant store are on the right :)

And that’s why I cried – Cake 2 The Rescue has come so far in the last 5 years.

Having a small business is truly amazing. But it’s also a roller coaster and you often feel like you won’t survive.

I need you to know how incredibly grateful I am that you support my business.

You made those 6 storage boxes grow into over 200!

So this week, I asked our lovely customers “Why do you buy our DIY Cake Kits?”

Their answers are below.

Lou x

Why do you buy our Cake Kits?  Love you to share your reason in the comments x


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