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We’ve done all the hard work for you! all you need in one handy box...

Build Your Own Cake Kit


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Rolling pin & Cake slice

Cake Flavour

Baking Tray *

Cake Covering

Accent Fondant 1 (100g)

Accent Fondant 2 (100g)

Accent Fondant 3 (100g)

Accent Fondant 4 (100g)

Accent Fondant 5 (100g)

Accent Fondant 6 (100g)

Food Colouring

Mini Glitter Pot

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What’s included in my kit?

Product Details

If you want to create your own design at home, but you’d love to have the ingredients sent to you, this is the kit for you!

Your Rescue Kit includes the following: 

  • Square/Rectangular Disposable Baking Tray
  • Silver Cake Board
  • Cake and Icing Mix
  • Fondant Icing Kit
  • Candles
  • Recipe Card
  • Food Colouring or Cocoa Powder
  • 6 x 100g Accent Fondant Colour
  • 1kg Full Fondant cake covering  (optional for extra fee)

*Cake feeds 20 to 25 people with Option of VANILLA or CHOCOLATE




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