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Customise Your Flower Pony Cake Kit


Cake Mix

Skin (butter icing) *

Muzzle and Ears *

Eyes (Iris) *

Flowers *

Mane 1 (60g fondant) *

Mane 2 (60g fondant) *

Mane 3 (60g fondant) *

Mane 4 (60g fondant) *

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Allergies? Read here First!

The ingredients in this Cake Kit contain NO gluten, soy, dairy or nuts providing you also select the Gluten Free cake mix option.

Please Note: Products have been packed in a facility that also handles wheaten products and are not suitable for people with Coeliac Disease.

One or more ingredients in this Cake Kit contain wheaten products, dairy and may contain traces of nuts.

Contact us if you wish to discuss allergy friendly solutions for this kit

Our Cake Mixes require the addition of 5 Eggs, please contact us to discuss egg free solutions.

Read our Full Ingredients List and Nutrition Panels here

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What’s included in my kit?

Product Details

If you have a specific colour scheme in mind for your Flower Pony Cake Kit this is the perfect product for you. It’s a great kit to match the colours to your child’s favourite My Little Pony.

Step 1: Choose the colour of your Pony’s Skin

*The skin is butter icing so you can’t choose purple for this option as the yellow in the butter makes it turn grey

Step 2: Choose the colour of your muzzle and ears

Step 3: Choose the colour of your eyes

Step 4: Choose one colour for your flowers (the Centre of the flowers can be made with any of your other colours in your kit)

Step 5: Choose the colour of your mane  (you’ll have 4 colour choices)

*If you want the rainbow mane shown in the images just choose Rainbow for every option and we will send a smaller amount of all 6 colours.  If you want one solid colour just choose that same colour 4 times.

Your Rescue Kit includes the following: 

  • Rectangular Disposable Baking Tray
  • Silver Cake Board
  • Cake and Icing Mix
  • Fondant Icing Kit
  • Candles
  • Recipe Card
  • Food Colouring or Cocoa Powder
  • Accent Fondant Colour Colours
  • Glitter
  • Cutters

*Cake feeds 20 to 25 people with Option of VANILLA or CHOCOLATE




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