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Bestie Cupcake Decorating Party Kit


Cupcake Mix *

Butter Icing Colour *

Fondant Disc Colour *

Accent Colour 1 *

Accent Colour 2 *

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Kit includes 3 sets of cutters / A-Z embossers

ADD 6 TOOL KITS +$80 *

6 rolling pins / cupcake knives (save $33.40)

ADD 6 APRONS +$150 *

6 navy Cake 2 The Rescue aprons (save $30)

How far apart are the baking dates of your cakes?


You are welcome to order your kits together and we will dispatch together.


Please place individual orders for each kit.


Allergies? Read here First!

The ingredients in this Cake Kit contain NO soy or nuts. The Cake Mix DOES contain Milk Solids. To eliminate gluten and dairy from this kit please select a Gluten Free cake mix option.

One or more ingredients in this Cake Kit contain wheaten products, dairy and may contain traces of nuts.

Contact us if you wish to discuss allergy friendly solutions for this kit [email protected]

Our Cake Mixes require the addition of 5 Eggs, you can purchase our recommended Egg Replacer in the Extras Category.

Read our Full Ingredients List and Nutrition Panels here

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Product Details

Bestie Cupcake Decorating Party Kits

If you’re looking to hold a cupcake decorating birthday party for kids and their best friends this all-inclusive kit is the perfect solution. This gorgeous kit comes with 3 sets of alphabet and number embossers so the kids can emboss words on their cupcakes to describe the things they love about their friends.

We’ve got all your cupcake decorating party ideas covered, no rushing around trying to find all the bits and bobs, everything you need is delivered to your door. You can even order baking tool kits and aprons as gifts for guests to take home as a baking party bag.

How many Cupcakes come in my kit?

Our friendship cupcake party kits are designed for 6 guests. Each kit contains 24 cupcakes with 4 different designs.des

Due to the size of our cake mixes etc we cannot offer kits for a specific number of kids eg 7,8,9.  If you have more kids simply grab a second kit. That will also allow you to choose an extra flavour and design if you want to mix it up.

If you have 7 or 8 guests you could limit the kids to making 3 cupcakes each.  However, please be aware that our cupcake travel boxes and all our add-ons come in sets of 6.

What do I need for a Cupcake Decorating Party?

I wanted to make sure your teen or tween cupcake party runs smoothly so we’d given our standard cupcake kits a boost for the party pack.

To make it easier for 6 kids to bake together we’ve added 3 sets of cutters to share (usually 1), increased quantities of fondant to allow for wastage and a little creative freedom and 6 Cupcake Travel boxes to make it easy for the kids to take their creations home.

The Kit includes all you need to bake and decorate:

  • Cake Mix and Icing Mixture
  • Food Colouring (if required)
  • Pre-Coloured Fondants
  • Decorating Extras (if required)
  • 3 Sets of Mini Heart and Star Cutters
  • 3 Sets of  Alphabet Embosser Sets
  • 24 Cupcake Cases
  • 6 Cupcake Travel Boxes
  • Step by Step Recipe Cards
  • BONUS Printable Invitations for you to Download
  • BONUS How to run a cupcake party guide PDF

Your kit comes with 3 sets of alphabet embossers and Cutters so guests can share one set between two kids. If you want all the kids to have their own set of cutters you can add extras as prompted.

Just add milk, butter and eggs from your pantry.

View Ingredients here

Grab yourself some take-home Gifts

Save yourself the time of rushing around making up party bags with these great add-ons. The aprons and tool kits will make decorating way more fun and give the kids a beautiful baking set to take home.

We offer the following add on’s which make a great option for take-home gifts.  

  • Baking Tool Kits: fondant roller/cupcake palette knife
  • Cake 2 The Rescue Aprons

Our party kits are only available for multiples of 6 due to the sizes of our cake mixes etc. However, if you would like one or two extra aprons or baking kits that can be arranged just get in touch here.

Bonus Facebook Cupcake Class

Baker Girl Lou has recorded a Bonus Cupcake Baking Class for each of these kits in our private  Facebook community. Kids can tune in to decorate their cupcakes on-line with a PRE-RECORDED video Baker Girl Lou showing them all the steps to make these super cute cupcake designs. It’s a great way to start the party before the kids get their bake on.

Facebook Community Group Cupcake Class videos are in the announcement posts pinned post in the group.

What ages are these kits suitable for?

They have been designed for school-age kids right through to adults. Kids under the age of 6 will need lots of help to make these cupcakes.

How to Order Your DIY Cupcake Decorating Party

First choose the colours of the cupcakes you’d like to make, then choose the flavour of your cupcakes. We have gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free cupcake kits too. Select any add-ons you require such as baking tool kits, aprons, and extra alphabet embossers. Finally, add the baking date that you wish to bake the cupcakes ready for the party.

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