This is my 15-year-old daughter Emma…

(look at those freckles – like mother like daughter!)

We recently discovered she has a gluten intolerance.

For a girl who loves carbonara, hot cross buns and Zaraffas white chocolate and butterscotch muffins,

it’s a bit of a bummer!!

Her Nanna has Coeliac Disease and cannot tolerate even traces of gluten…

but luckily like many kids,  Emma only has to avoid gluten and minimise intake,

traces are fine.

Being a first timer when it comes to allergies,

I’m getting a taste of what it means to worry about finding things for my kids to eat.

Not wanting them to feel like they are missing out.

One thing I know for sure…

every child deserves the joy of a home-made birthday cake!!

And so my allergy friendly Cake Kit journey has begun…

I must tell you, it’s not been smooth sailing


there have been some flops along the way 
(exhibit A – eggless gluten free cake Hahaha!!)


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But after a lot of testing…

we are so excited to launch our first step on this journey!

Watch this video to learn how it all work

Lou x

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