There’s something special about your baby boy or girls first birthday. If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed about running your first kids party for months and have a million ideas rolling round in your head and can’t wait to get stuck in. Maybe you’re also worried about pulling it off and feeling the pressure of making everything perfect. 

That’s where we come in. 

I always knew that I wanted to make my own kid’s birthday cakes because I remember the cakes that my mum made for me. There’s just something about making a homemade cake that you can pour your love into. 

But with us all being so time poor these days it’s hard to find time to come up with a design that’s easy to make let alone the nightmare running around the shops looking for everything you need, especially if you have a hungry baby and a toddler in tow!! 

With 3 kids under 5, I knew better than anyone how stressful it could be, so I came up with the idea of packaging everything you need in one easy bake DIY Cake Kit. Delivered to your door, tastes great and waaaaaaay cheaper than hiring a cake maker or sourcing all the ingredients yourself. 

So now we’ve got the cake sorted, let’s look at the cutest first birthday party ideas for 2020 and what awesome DIY Cake Kits we have for those themes.

Jungle Themed First Birthday

This is by far the most popular theme for first birthdays at the moment and so it’s really easy to find heaps of gorgeous things to create your theme. What a stunning theme for your baby boys first birthday cake and don’t let the boys have all the fun. Our jungle themed DIY 1st birthday cakes are just as perfect for the girls. 

There are so many cute food ideas and you don’t necessarily have to bake themed food, it’s just about the way you display and label things. I love this dip plate displayed like a lion’s mane and these cute mandarin tiger cubs and croc teeth! Grab some green paper, rafia and animal print ribbons and you can make any container jungle themed. 


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With such a popular theme I decided to create a range of baby boy 1st birthday jungle animal cake designs and kits. We now have a:

The DIY baby lion cake kit is available with a softer brown mane or a bright orange mane to suit your theme. Our DIY Baby Elephant Cake Kit will be available in different colour so if you are looking for a pink elephant for a baby girl shower cake or a neutral one, we’ve got you covered.

They’ll make the perfect baby shower safari theme cake and if you are looking to create a pink safari baby shower cake just get in contact and we can create a colour scheme perfect for you.

Oh, we also have Hippo Cake Kits, Monkey Cake Kits, Tiger Cake Kits and Crocodile Cake Kits!!!

Woodland Themed First Birthday

This is such a popular theme that there are heaps of themed accessories to buy at really great prices in every day shops like Kmart. But you can also find the things you need in nature too to dress up your table with logs and branches filled with leaves. 

Again, the party food doesn’t have to be complicated it’s just the way you name it with Bear Poop Chocolate Balls or Olives, forest berries cups full of healthy strawberries and blueberries and pretzels signed up as twigs. I loooove these toadstools made from marshmallows and strawberries, so simple and so sweet.

We’ve got you all set with our first birthday cake ideas too.  

The first DIY Deer Cake Kit has a Bambi feel with its big eyes and then our Baby Deer Cake Kit has the more traditional shy deer with closed eyes and plywood horns for a more rustic look and so easy to make! Such a perfect 1st birthday cake for a girl. 

I’m so in love with our new baby boy first birthday DIY Teddy Cake Kit!! It’s perfect for the woodland theme and the friendliest bear you could wish to meet. Add a flower of your colour choice for a girly girl.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party Theme

This is one of the sweetest themes around. I love the soft colour scheme of blue’s yellows and whites and a dash of pink for the girls. It’s really easy to create a gorgeous party table with a heap of white balloons and a few hanging stars or star balloons. Just gorgeous.

Cake designs for this theme can get really out of control with Google searches bringing up big tiered fondant masterpieces. So, we worked hard to create a really easy to make design that’s super cute and tastes delicious with the focus on a butter icing which little kids love way more than layers of fondant. 

Our Twinkle Little Star Cake Kit is customisable. Add a coloured cap to the moon to suit your colour scheme and change up the messaging to suit your theme with the mini alphabet cutters.

You Are My Sunshine Party Theme

Honestly, you had me at yellow!! This theme just makes my heart glow. It’s so bright and fun and fresh. 

If you like a pop of colour this is definitely the theme for you. Think yellow glass white and a pop of pink or blue and you have pulled off this theme without blinking. We’ve also tagged some gorgeous printables on our Pinterest board to make theming even easier. 

Again, we’ve focused on butter icing for your baby girl’s first birthday cake so they’ll love devouring this design. I love the blue sky background to balance out the yellow and the freshness of the clouds and little heart. You can change up the colour scheme to suit your theme and gender. We even offer a square with other numbers so bigger kids don’t miss out on this theme.

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