An Easter Cake makes the perfect centrepiece for your Easter table. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends and I’ve always loved creating Easter crafts with the kids and decorating the table with gorgeous Easter dessert ideas and cute decorations.

When thinking of Easter cake ideas for our latest range of DIY Easter cake kits, I wanted to make sure we created a range that parents could make with their kids. For many people, Easter means more than chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny. So, we’ve also got a range of Religious Easter cakes too.

My mother-in-law and daughter have allergies so I also made sure our Easter cakes would make a great Gluten free, dairy free Easter dessert.

For so many of you, Easter is all about Chocolate, so all of our DIY cake kits have an option to make a delicious chocolate Easter cake.

Easter Cupcakes

But first how cute are these Easter Cupcake options!

We introduced cupcakes during covid as a fun activity to  keeps kids busy during lockdown.  They have been a huge hit ever since. We have   3  cute designs to choose from and they come in sets of 12 or 24 with all allergy solutions. You can also mix 2 designs into one batch of 24 for a $20 saving. Woohoo!

The kits come with everything the kids need to bake and decorate and I even create video demos for the kids to follow along to that you can find in our amazing diy cake kit facebook community group.

I just love showing adults that they can create amazing in cakes in just a few steps so being able to do the same for kids has been just the best thing ever. 


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Easter Chick Cakes

One thing our customers wanted was an easy Easter dessert they could make with the kids and our Easter Chick is the perfect DIY Easter cake to make with the kids. Let the kids choose their favourite colour scheme and have fun creating a colourful Easter egg cake.   I also love our Baby Chick design hes got the cutest face and perfect for the Easter Table Centrepiece.

Of course if you are more of a easter duck fan we have you covered too. 


Easter Bunny Cake Ideas

We have 4 super cute Easter Bunny cake kit options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a funny bunny, girly bunny or an adorable baby bunny cake we’ve got you covered. But my absolute  favourite is our flower bunny with her gorgeous flower crown. 

farm themed bunny birthday cake DIY cake kit from Cake 2 The Rescue

Easter Gnomes and Dinosaurs

I know are probably think, What did you say? Easter Gnomes and Dinosaurs? haha. 

Well  each  year I like  to give Easter a bit of  a  twist. Last year it was our Cute Easter Dinosaur but this year the shops are just full of gnomes for all occasions. So I thought why not create a gorgeous Easter Gnome Cake Kit.


Religious Easter Cakes

I loved creating these simple but beautiful cakes to capture the true meaning of Easter. We’ve made these designs customisable so that you can create a cake that compliments your Easter table decorations perfectly.

As you can see Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. So, I’ve pulled together a whole heap of gorgeous Easter themed food ideas, Easter Crafts and our beautiful Easter cakes into a Pinterest board to make your Easter fun for the whole family. I’m sure you’ll find an Easter Cake Kit you’ll love in our range here.

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