Most Popular Unicorn Cakes

We created our first unicorn cake 7 years ago and it was popular but nothing like the crazy popularity of unicorns these last few years.  2 Years ago we released our Rainbow Unicorn cake and it outsold every other design for the previous 5 years in 1 year!!!  She went viral on Facebook and I thought she was the cutest unicorn cake ever.  But mid last year I started getting requests for a new unicorn cake.  I was so shocked as our Rainbow Unicorn was so popular.  “Why do we need another one?”  I asked.  Customers replied that their child had already had the other unicorn last year and still wanted another unicorn party this year!! “But it must have the big eyes like My Little Pony and Anime”.  So nervously I created our new Flower Unicorn last September and it went nuts!!  Our poor Rainbow Unicorn who had been the queen of the cake kits for 2 years got knocked straight off her perch and the new kit became our fastest selling kit of all time! 

How to Make a Unicorn Cake

With so many customers now making our diy unicorn cake I wanted to make sure it was as stressfree as possible so when I headed off to Perth to do one of our Kitchen Crash events I decided it was the perfect time to make a video to show people how to make a unicorn cake. We made the cake from start to finish and created short videos of all the steps. So if you are looking to make our Flower Unicorn cake kit. Here are some great videos to make things easier for you.  

How to Make Fondant Anime Eyes

In this first video I show you how to make fondant anime eyes, or how to make “my little pony eyes” for your unicorn cake. 

How to Make a Fondant Unicorn Horn

In this second video I show you how to make a fondant unicorn horn for your rainbow unicorn cake. 

How to Make a Fondant Unicorn Mane

In this third video I show you how to make an easy fondant unicorn mane by hand rolling lots of fondant sausages to match the colour scheme of your rainbow unicorn cake. 

How to Make Easy Fondant Flowers

In this fourth video I show you how to make easy fondant flowers to add to your Rainbow Unicorn Cake. No need for fancy decorating skills, here’s the instructions for how to make easy fondant flowers.

Top Tips for holding a Unicorn Party

We’ve gathered together heaps of cute ideas and pinned them all to our Unicorn Party Ideas board on Pinterest.  There are cute ideas for Unicorn Party Food, creating Unicorn themed decorations and even Unicorn party favours.  Check it out here. 

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