I’ve had so much fun creating new DIY baby shower cake kits to match the most popular baby shower themes for 2020. I wanted to make easy baby shower cakes for boys and girls. So, I also made all our existing designs colour schemes customisable in case you don’t know or what to keep secret the gender of your baby.

It’s so funny, despite being the biggest lover of planning kids’ birthday parties I never had a baby shower for any of my 3 kids. I think it’s because someone else would have to organise that party and they were always worried it wouldn’t live up to my standards. Occupational hazard hahaha! I’ve loved researching the top baby shower themes for 2020 and coming up with baby shower cake ideas that are simple and fun to make.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower

This is by far the most popular theme for baby showers at the moment and so it’s really easy to find heaps of gorgeous things to create your theme. I’ve pinned a heap of my favourites to our Jungle Theme Baby Shower Pinterest Board so you can get a feel for what your shower could look like. It’s beyond cute for those little ones who are Born to be Wild.

With such a popular theme I decided to create a range of baby jungle animal cake designs and kits. We now have a:

The DIY baby lion cake kit is available with a softer brown mane or a bright orange mane to suit your theme. Our DIY Baby Elephant Cake Kit will be available in different colour so if you are looking for a pink elephant for a baby girl shower cake or a neutral one, we’ve got you covered.

They’ll make the perfect baby shower safari theme cake and if you are looking to create a pink safari baby shower cake just get in contact and we can create a colour scheme perfect for you.

Oh, we also have Hippo Cake Kits, Monkey Cake Kits, Tiger Cake Kits and Crocodile Cake Kits!!!


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Cactus Themed Baby Shower

This is my favourite theme by a mile, there’s something so cute about little baby cactus faces on cakes, check out our Pinterest page on Cactus Themed Baby Shower ideas for cuteness overload.

I love our DIY Cactus baby shower cake kit and it would make the perfect centre piece for your table. It’s such a favourite of mine.

Our Llama DIY Cake kit is popular for all ages but would make such a cute addition to your cactus themed baby shower with a fiesta feel. It’s also such and easy baby shower cake to make.

But my favourite is our gorgeous new DIY cute avocado baby shower cake kit. Perfect for that Mexican fiesta themed baby shower complimenting your cactuses. You can choose how many seeds the mummy avo is carrying so it’s the perfect baby shower cake for twins or triplets.

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

There’s something about this rustic themed baby shower that looks so beautiful and there are 2 popular ways you can create this theme.

The first is the traditional woodland themed baby shower theme with tree stumps and toadstools and deer. So, we created 2 gorgeous deer themed baby shower cakes to complement our existing Pink and Red Toadstool Cake Kits.

The first DIY Deer Cake Kit has a Bambi feel with its big eyes and then our Baby Deer Baby Shower Cake Kit has the more traditional shy deer with closed eyes and plywood horns for a more rustic look.

Check out our super cute Pinterest board to see how to create the look.

Then there is the more American woodland baby shower theme which is a baby shower version of the popular Wild One theme. Often called Oh baby or Born to be Wild. Think bears, foxes, racoons and tepee’s with dream catchers thrown. This theme was huge in 2019 and is still going strong this year.

I’m so in love with our new DIY Teddy Cake Kit!! It’s perfect for the woodland theme and the friendliest bear you could wish to meet. Add a flower of your colour choice for a girly girl.

You can also choose from our Tepee Cake Kit and our super popular Dream Catcher Cake Kit

Farm Theme Baby Shower

I haven’t seen this one take the lead for a few years so it’s nice to see a fresh new take on a country vibe with lots of request for:

  • Farm theme baby shower cakes
  • Country girl baby shower cakes
  • Cowboy theme baby shower cakes

So, mosey on down and check out the Farm Themed Babyshower Pinterest board we’ve rustled together for this theme (sorry, couldn’t help myself but get a little bit country, hahaha!)

We have a whole heap of Horse and Pony Cake Kits and a super easy DIY Cow Cake Kit to cover the animal lovers.

Our popular Tractor Cake Kit for a cool 3D look is perfect for a baby boy and if you want to take it to the next level we have the Barnyard Cake Kit for the whole kit and caboodle!

So, we’ve got you covered for farm themed baby shower cakes.

Bird Themed Baby Shower

There’s something about baby birds, new life and baby showers that get everyone clucky!! You’ll love the Pinterest board we put together for this baby bird theme.

We’ve adapted all our bird themed baby shower cake kits to allow you to choose a colour scheme that matches your shower perfectly.

You can choose between our gorgeous Birdhouse Baby Shower Cake Kit and our Owl, Owlet, and Tree Owl cake kits. We also have a new sweet baby owl in the pipeline so stay tuned.

Frozen Themed Baby Shower

No surprises that Frozen has also taken over the baby shower scene this year. I have to be honest; I loved the second movie even more than the first haha! Let’s face it there are a million Frozen party ideas out there. So, this is going to be an easy one to smash out of the park, but we wanted to make it even more special launching 2 gorgeous new cakes to celebrate everything Frozen. 

Since everyone still loves unicorns and Elsa is now riding around on a waterhorse, what better way to celebrate than combining the two with our gorgeous new Snowfake Unicorn and Snowflake Pony Cake kits.

We’ve also created a gorgeous new Ice Princess for those want an Elsa Cake and our Autumn Princess for those who would love an Anna Cake. 

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