When my kids were little, I was that mum the other mums hated…

I loved loved loved holding birthday parties for my kids.

The more full-on the better, not with a heap of money, just a heap of fun.

I was a creative stay at home mum who desperately needed an outlet and parties were it for me.

We had a fair with stalls and “Abby” money to spend, teddy bears picnics with pram races and bear hunts, rock star makeover parties complete with performing stage…

you name it we did it.

So here are my top tips for running a party at home for 20+ kids – without losing it!!

5 Tips for Running a Party for 20+ Kids at Home

Limit Party to 2 Hours

You are not superwoman.  2 hours with 20+ kids is enough for anyone.  So, go hard and go home!

Set House Rules

Get all the kids to sit down in a group at the start and tell them the rules of the party, that way everyone knows what’s expected. Nothing worse than having to discipline at parties.

Start with Games

It’s a great way to help the shy kids and the ones who don’t know everyone break the ice.  Not to mention, a great way to burn off some of that excited energy.

Serve Food Last

Plan to serve food near the end of the party – you’ll avoid 2 types of tricky party guests.  “hyped-up sugar” kids and “I ate to much, went nuts and now I think I’m going to vomit” kids.

Party Bags

3 kids and a million party bags later, I swear only the lollies make it out of the bag.  So don’t kill yourself trying to find 20+ of themed novelties that will smash your party bag budget out of the water. Lollies are King!!

Love to hold big parties at home, love you to share your tips in the comments below xx


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