Let’s face it, apart from Peace, Love, Joy, Family and all that stuff, food is the best part of Christmas. And we have you covered with our fabulous yet easy Christmas cake DIY ideas and options.

This week it took all my strength to think of my waistline and resist putting that fatal first box of mince pies for the season in the shopping trolley this week. I thought October might be a bit early to kick start the Christmas binge eating hahahaha!

I love nearly all Christmas food, but one thing I’ve yet to develop a love for is Christmas cake. The traditional fruit cake with the marzipan and an excessively thick layer of white fondant just doesn’t do it for me. It’s funny, because I do love Christmas pudding which tastes similar. Though to be fair, in honesty I usually have 3 large scoops of brandy butter piled over the top of a tiny piece of Christmas pudding.

Christmas Cake the kids will love

I think most kids would agree that they can take or leave a Christmas fruit cake. I took that into consideration when creating our Christmas DIY cake kits and ditched the fruit. And created a range of super cute vanilla or chocolate Christmas cake options instead.

With a gluten intolerant daughter, we also made sure to offer allergy friendly Christmas cakes and gluten-free Christmas cake too.

If you are anything like me, my favourite part of Christmas lunch is decorating the table. So, I wanted to make sure our Christmas themed DIY cakes are really cute and make a big impact on the table. I made sure the designs are strong simple designs that are easy to make look good and have cute character faces that everyone will love.


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Introducing our new Fa la la la Llama Cake Kit

I’m a northern hemisphere girl by birth so I tend to create lots of winter themed cakes. We introduced our super cute Christmas Koala Cake Kit last year and this year I went all out with our super fun new Fa la la la llama Cake kit. Because when it comes to Christmas DIY cake kits, who doesn’t want a Christmas Llama Cake, complete with Santa hat, sunglasses and fairy lights!! LOL  

Welcome Elf on the Shelf with our Christmas Elf Cake Kits

So many of our customers last year decided to take their Elf on The Shelf plans to the next level and order one of our Christmas Elf Cake Kits to welcome their Elf to the house or as a parting gift for the kids to make on Christmas eve. With all the Christmas cake DIY decorations, even the kids could whip up their own elf cake with a little help from mum.

Kids love decorating our popular Christmas Tree DIY Cake Kit

One of the most popular Christmas DIY cake mix kits for last year was the Christmas Tree Cake Kit. Our customers loved the idea of making the cake together on Christmas eve as a family tradition. This cake has lots of little fondant decorations to make. Allowing parents to cut out and ice the Christmas Tree Cake while the kids made the baubles and candy canes. Or even came up with their own Christmas cake decoration ideas. I just love the idea of the whole family gathered round the kitchen creating memories together.

It’s time to give back this festive season

Of course, the biggest part of Christmas is giving back, and this is the time of year that Cake 2 The Rescue gives back to our community with our #kindnessandcake2019 Christmas Appeal. We pledge $10 from every Christmas Cake Kit sold to send Birthday cakes to kids in need throughout 2020. These go to families who have been nominated by our customers and it’s a great way we can all spread a little kindness over the Christmas season.

If you’d like to support our Christmas Appeal and buy a Christmas Cake Kit for yourself or as a gift for family and friends we’d love, love, love your support

Lou x

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